Endpoint security (anti-virus)

If you are using computers, laptops or other devices on the University network, or when using University data, you need to make sure they’re secured against malware, hackers and accidental loss or theft. It is University policy that all devices on the University network have the University supplied Sophos Endpoint Detection and Response (anti-virus) product installed and meet a minimum level of IT hygiene.

If your machine is managed by your IT department then you should first consult with them regarding the secure use of your machine. See our list of University IT contacts for details. 

On the other hand, if you’re running your own devices you need to make sure you know how to adequately protect your machine. A bring your own device (BYOD) is either not owned by the University or a college, or the user being empowered to take responsibility for the management of the security of the device (e.g. on a self-managed but college owned laptop). The University of Oxford Computer Emergency Response Team (OxCERT) strongly recommends that you take steps to protect your devices, including the prevention of loss or theft of data, keeping information confidential as and where appropriate, maintaining the integrity of data, and taking responsibility for any software downloaded onto a personal device. Installing up-to-date anti-virus software and keeping the operating system and other vulnerable software up to date are important aspects of maintaining device security.

Installing Sophos Endpoint (anti-virus)

To check that you are entitled to a free copy of Sophos Endpoint, please check your card entitlements. A current University card is required as card data is used to determine a person's entitlement to services. Most members of Oxford University can download and install Sophos Endpoint including traditional anti-virus and next-generation Intercept X free of charge and should install this on any system connecting to the University's networks. Sophos Endpoint can be installed on all personally owned and work devices and will be valid for four years rolling from the first of October. OxCERT operates this with the aim to protect your devices, to protect your privacy, and to collect as little personal data as possible. Details on the configuration settings can be found in the endpoint security policy.

Select your operating system below to be directed to the download page (registration website):


Please note the system requirements for installing Sophos Endpoint with Intercept X.

How to get support?

Please check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and search the Sophos Support Site, as you may find the answer to your query within these pages before contacting any of the support teams. The University provides Sophos as is and you will be able to resolve the majority of problems yourself.

If you have exhausted these options and would like to request support:

IT Support Staff

See: Documentation and other resources for ITSS on Endpoint Security.

Support contacts

For a personally managed device or for general advice, please contact the IT Services Service Desk.

For a University or department owned device, please contact your Local IT Support Staff.

IT Support Staff to contact OxCERT.

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