Vulnerability scanning

The Information Security Team offers a vulnerability scanning service to assess your network infrastructure’s exposure to internet attacks.

What we offer

The scan is an automatic process that tests internet-facing systems (e.g. websites, network devices) within your network to identify areas that are misconfigured or found to contain known vulnerabilities. Our scans are performed using a leading commercial vulnerability assessment tool which is constantly updated with intelligence related to new and emerging threats.

The results of scans are summarised in a report which prioritises the issues and gives you clear and actionable recommendations to fix them.

Benefits for you

  • Improve the overall IT security of your network infrastructure and applications.
  • Identify and fix security vulnerabilities before an attacker can exploit them.
  • Gain confidence in the security of recently deployed or changed systems.
  • Measure progress over time as you improve your network infrastructure.
  • Comply with the University’s information security requirements for quarterly vulnerability scanning.
  • Comply with industry best-practice requirements for internal vulnerability scanning.

How it works

The service is available to all parts of the collegiate university. This includes the initial set up, and four quarterly scans.

After each scan, you will receive a report including an executive summary, technical breakdown and detailed recommendations to fix any weaknesses.

What you need to do

If you are interested in this service or you want more information, please contact us at